The Survival Of Titch In Hitler`S Greece


Lyn Rowland

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Depression, starvation, the annoyance and discomfort from the fleas, the loss of family and homelessness, the deprivation of childhood life and education, fear and death were a daily regularity throughout the occupation. All this was not a pleasant experience for a ten year old boy, or for anyone for the matter. Fifty years on and the memory of those nightmare years in occupied Greece are still haunting me as if it all happened yesterday. Thousands of Greek children experienced the horrors in many ways. My story however, is one that is very unique. I was forced to grow up before my time and think like a seventeen year old if I was to survive. It has been very painful for me to write my war experiences in the early stages of my life and I had to keep them locked inside me. In the light of what I have found with the help of Sky television when I returned to Athens from England for the first time fifty years later, the decision was brought home to me to continue with writing my autobiography and get it all off my chest.

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