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Panoramic roadtrip in the island of Crete

Author: Giorgos Mazonakis


Publisher: Mystis


Price: 24,80 € 19,80 €

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Publish date: 2013
Type: Hardcover
Pages: 142
Dimensions: 24x17cm


  •  978-960-8829-21-3
  •  978-960-8829-21-3
  •  978-960-8829-21-3
  •  978-960-8829-21-3


Photographer Giorgos Mazonakis creates his first color photographic album in collaboration with Editions Mystis, conveying the visual experience of the continuous journey to the island of Crete, with its own panoramic look.

"There are a lot of superb places in Greece, that are worth visiting. Like there are other places that don't have something unique to show but still we love them because there are our special country and it is known that man has a bond with the place of their birth.

Crete however, is one of those places that you would want, dream of being your country.."


Stephanos Psimenos

Explorer - Editor of Unexplored Crete


"Phtography is a journey of recording of light, as it diffuses the landscape giving every moment of the day another form, another face.The phtographic journey of Crete's landscape is a unique experience as the place and its people. Unpredictable landscape with constant changes, different at every turn of the road with endless peaks, following fertile plateaus, unknown archeological sites and villages forgotten, countless caves and deep gorges that eatch her body and attempt/invite you to discover them, giving you each time the illusion that you are the person who saw and walked them for the first time...

The Phtographer is the one that records light...

This is exactly what he has been doing for years with his "panoramic" way, the friend and fellow traveler of the roads of Crete, George. Knowing Giorgis, I shared his love and his passion for the travel of phtography , in a journey full of color, light and smells of a world sometimes hidden and sometimes overt, a journey that makes you feel that however much you advance, you are still at the beginning...


Christoforos Hiladakis

Author - Exporer at  "Cretan Panorama"  and "Unknown Crete"